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Needle crafts, Pillows, Sewing  |  June 7th 2011  |  0 Comment

These cute pillows, lambs wool thanks to the materials found on these lambs. Wool is ideal for this project, as this material does not require treatment jagged trunk. To muzzle, ears and legs of sheep using contrast material from the chocolate-colored wool.


  • Three shades of wool (cream, caramel and chocolate colors)
  • Cotton filler for pillows
  • Cotton yarn corresponding colors

1. Take a chocolate and cream wool for the first pillow. Cut out parts of the body hair on the pattern of the template. You should have:

  • Two parts of the body of cream wool
  • Four of the legs of the chocolate wool
  • Two parts of the muzzle of a chocolate wool
  • Two ears

2. Cleave pins two parts of the muzzle and sew the edge of the sewing machine using thread matching color. Do the same thing with two pairs of legs of lamb. You should get a pair of legs and a snout.

3. Cleave pins carved torso lamb, attach the legs and face pins, as shown:

4. Starting from the front feet, gently prostrochite trunk sheep on the sewing machine to the back foot, as shown:

5. Tamp the cotton-filled pillow, do not try to fill it too tightly, then get a soft pillow.

6. Once you’ve finished stuffing pillows, however the hole pins:

7. Carefully prostrochite hole on the sewing machine, try to flash exactly from the first seam to seam lines coincided. Attach thread at the beginning and end of line, I ask a few stitches back and forth.

8. Fold the base of the ear cut in half and sew a few stitches by hand to secure the forms:

9. Sew the ears by hand to their seats on the lamb:


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