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Pencil and Notebook folders tutorial

Sewing  |  September 3rd 2011  |  0 Comment

They open out to this..
To make them I managed to finally make use of a little of this massive pile of stiff cardboard…
(There are 100 pieces of card – with dots on!!  Left over from a number/ maths education activity I tried with my girls when they were really little!!!)
So, as you can see – I could make LOTS of these fabric folders!!
I also used some of these exercise books., which I’ve bought hundreds of over the past few years as they’re sold for 1c each in the ‘back to school sales’ and I just can’t resist a bargain!. So I have a reasonable stockpile of these too!!
The girls love using theirs, having chosen their own fabric from my stash -( Bratz and ballerinas).
And they did turn out perfect for our boat trips!
This fairy one I made today, and also did a photo tutorial.
If you’re interested in the ‘how to’, I’ve made the tutorial as a free PDF download, available if you click here.

Source: jembellish.blogspot.com