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Paper flower for gift and decor

Making flower, Paper crafts  |  September 10th 2011  |  0 Comment

Crepe Paper Pomander

Paper flower tutorial

I’m stilling slowly incorporating some color into my boring living area. I’ve decided that blue is that color that was missing. There are some ideas I want to try, but I’m starting slow.
I decided to make a crepe paper pomander in blue to add a pop of color to my accent table. This isn’t the first one I’ve made. In fact, I’ve made tons. I made fabric flower pomanders, fake flower pomanders and crepe paper pomanders. I have yet to try paper flower pomanders…one day though, I will. Pomanders and really versatile too, they can be displayed in a large bowl or hung with ribbon.
But crepe paper is by far the most cost effective. Since I already had the glue gun and glue sticks this entire project cost a grand total of $7.47. And it could have been cheaper if I re-used a candle holder around the house, but this one was the right size I wanted.
The essentials:
Styrofoam ball, crepe paper, some type of holder, glue gun, glue sticks, and a way to protect your table from the hot glue gun.


If you want all of the flowers to be the exact same size, you’ll want to cut the strips the same size. If you want large flowers, you’ll cut long strips and vice versa. I started out with the same size flowers but since they didn’t cover the Styrofoam completely, I cut smaller ones to fill the spaces. I like to crumple the paper before I start. I think it makes it softer and easier to work with. After its officially wrinkled… You’ll start rolling one side. You roll and twist at the same time and eventually you’ll notice…

The shape begins to form a flower. Once it gets to this point, you’ll put a dab of glue on the side as you go so it sticks together.

First one. Whenever I do this, the first one always ends up tightly wound like this. I learned that if you wrap it loosely the rosettes come out better.

In order to get the rosettes to lay flat, you’ll need to cut off the little stem that formed while you twisted and wrapped.

I glued as I went and of course, I ended up with some uncovered Styrofoam. You can always make smaller rosettes to cover the rest. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Or if it does, then best of luck to you with your 8-12 extra steps. I’m lazy.

A candle holder was what I was after so I looked at the candle holder aisle because they were all half off. This actually had a glass votive holder in the middle. I thought it was perfect because the sides came up to hold the pomander perfectly but I decided that I could save money by reusing one I had at home so I put this back…poorly. I placed it on the edge, it fell and smashed the glass votive holder…so new holder it is!

Here is the finished product.

I like the pop of color. I would also like to repaint the frames white, light blue and pale green. I’m also planning on re-purposing the lamp shade using white burlap ruffles. I’m also working on a stenciled canvas frame as well…so keep your eye out!

Source: jessajill.blogspot.com