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Paper crafts: Welcome summer with tulips

Making flower, Origami, Paper crafts  |  September 14th 2011  |  0 Comment

I had been thinking that making flowers with origami has no use. I mean it’s beautiful, cute but it has no use. But then it’s not necessary that you make things that are always useful. Sometimes pretty can just have a place too. Like the bulletin board with all the messages, important schedules and scraps. Now this pretty flower can add color and remove the dullness from that board.

Which in turn actually works best for your mental health. We just simply can not deny the fact that our mood swings depend a lot on what we see. So, sometimes we might not be so calm, seeing pending work on the board. That’s when some color and flowers can calm us down and tell us sweetie don’t worry you have time.

So, here goes the tutorial for all those people who think colors are vital and flowers are life.

  • Start by folding the square paper into rectangle and triangle on both sides. This will give us pre-creased lines.
  • Fold the square at the centre folding the middle sides and bring the folds down forming a triangle as shown below:
  • Now fold the right flap up, such that it overlaps the top. Repeat with the left flap. Now turn over and do the same
  • Fold the left and right flaps of the diamond and tuck the right flap into the left. Crease to smooth the flaps. Repeat on the other side.
  • Now for the fun part. Once all the folds are done, you will see a small opening down the triangle. Blow air to inflate the tulip. Open the four flaps to make the petals of the flower.


Now you all would love the stem which can stand freely and hold the weight of the flower over it. So, it makes it all fun and you can use it in many ways other than just hanging or attaching on boards.
  • Fold the diamond in half to form a pre-creased line. Now fold the left and right flaps such that they meet at the centre. Repeat at the bottom. Now again fold the bottom left and right flaps to form a narrow tube-like model.
  • Turn over to reveal the plain side. Fold it in half so that the top and bottom tips meet. Then fold from left to right to squeeze all the folds in.
  • Open the second fold above and carefully fold the right side creasing it only till the middle and open. Repeat on the right. This will form the leaves.
  • Now fold it in back in half to squeeze in all the folds. See the picture below to understand it better.
  • There you have your free stand paper stem.

Have Fun!