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Paper crafts: Kid’s Totem Poles tutorial

Paper crafts  |  September 6th 2011  |  0 Comment


Paper crafts: Kid’s Totem Poles tutorial

Baby making toys

Your children will have a magical time playing make believe with these totem poles crafted from postage tubes.

You’ll need:
*Postage tubes in various sizes
*Masking tape
*Paint brush
*Coloured card
*Coloured pens or pencils


Step one:
Decide the number of colours you wish to have along the length of your postage tube. Place strips of masking tape around the width of your postage tubes to mark the borders of each colour.
Step two:
Paint the sections of your postage tube in different colours and allow to dry.
Step three:
Use coloured pens and pencils to draw designs (such as faces) for the front of your totem pole onto coloured card.
Step four:
Cut out your designs and attach to the front of the paper tubes with glue. Then create imaginary games around them!


Source: bkids.typepad.com