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Paper crafts for kids: Fluffy Tissue Easter Chicks tutorial

Easter's day, Holiday & seasonal crafts, Paper crafts  |  February 13th 2012  |  0 Comment


Easter Chicks

Easter time’s a coming, Easter time’s a coming…. *grin*.

Paper crafts for kids:  Fluffy Tissue Easter Chicks tutorial

Cut any color of tissue paper into a whole lot of little 1.5 – 2 inch squares and then cut an egg shape out of construction paper or cardboard for each child plus yourself :) Next take one square of your tissue paper, place the eraser end of your pencil in the center of the square and pull up the sides of the paper and scrunch it all up around the end of your pencil.

Dip the end of your pencil into the glue…

Tissue feathers

then press your pencil end with the gluey paper down onto your egg cutout and repeat :)

Easter Chick

You just keep squishing and sticking your scrunched up tissue paper to your cutout until you’ve filled the whole thing up and made yourself a fluffy little chicky :) We made ours look like our chicks were popping out of their shells on the bottom but you could even decorate them like easter eggs with different colored polka dots or waves and so on all over them. They make fantastic fronts for Easter cards to. So fun!! I just love the great 3D texture you get from all that tissue paper :)

Easter Chicks