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Paper crafts: ice cream cone wrapper birthday banner

Making flower, Paper crafts  |  September 19th 2011  |  0 Comment

scrappy sunday 5/1-no-sew ice cream cone wrapper birthday banner

right now i’m working furiously on decorations/favors/etc. for miss harper’s “may flowers” birthday party next weekend.

my slice has gone into overdrive i think. ha!!!

here’s our dining room table right now. ACK! i have WAY too many ideas in my brain (and on my pinterest boards) and it’s causing a bit of chaos. ha!


today i wanted to share a SUPER easy no-sew birthday banner i came up with.


as most of you know, i don’t sew. at all. and learning right now would just add the icing to the stress cake. so i usually invent ways to make things without sewing.

when i saw these sweet ice cream cone wrappers at michaels, i snatched up a couple of packs right away knowing that i wanted to make a banner with them.


they are the perfect shape and colors for a birthday banner so that is what i had in mind, especially considering i have bday on the brain right now. :)

i grabbed a spool of my divine twine in aqua


a pair of scissors, and my EZ runner.

note: any dry adhesive would work nicely here. but it must be a strong one.the wrappers are very light weight, as is the twine…but i want it to last. that’s why i prefer ez runners. i’ve never had anything fall off when i use it. another great adhesive to use would be glue lines of some sort.

before i made the banner, i snipped each cone down the side seam on both sides.

try really really hard not to be jealous of my non-manicured gluey hands. they were working hard and that does not =pretty. :)



i then applied a line of adhesive directly across the top of the inside of the cone wrapper.



the rest is pretty obvious, i placed a large piece of twine across the floor and just stuck the cone wrappers on the twine.

and the end result makes me (and the birthday girl, more importantly) very happy!








woohooo! easy peasy rice and cheesy :)


i’ll have more birthday projects to share on wednesday!

have a beautiful sunday.

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