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Paper crafts for Valentines

Holiday & seasonal crafts, Making flower, Paper crafts, Valentine's day, Video, Wrapping and Packaging  |  September 22nd 2011  |  0 Comment


Hi bloggy friends! Today I’m excited to be sharing what I hope will be the first of many simple video tutorials and DIY projects here on Creature Comforts. I first have to give a shout-out to my oh-so sweet friend Erin (ofDesign For Mankind) who very generously gifted me my new Flip Camera! Isn’t she lovely! Second, I have to apologize for the shakiness, sound, and a few blurry patches in this video. This is my first time ever using a real video camera, so I’m still learning. Despite these minor issues…I hope you will enjoy following the video and creating your own simple DIY Valentine Luminaries. Have fun! xo Ez

For those of you who would like written instructions…here you go:

Supplies needed:

  • Glass jars and/or teacups
  • Plastic gems (found in the floral/candle area of my local craft store)
  • Battery operated candles (also found at my local craft store)
  • Paper doilies (from the baking isle of the craft store)
  • Baker’s twine (you can find a similar giant spool at We Sell Coffee for only $8.95)
  • Hand cut paper hearts – you can use vintage books, old maps, love letters, cardstock, or whatever else you’d like.

For simple luminaries:

Place lighted battery operated candles inside chosen glass containers. Fill with plastic gems until the “flame” portion of the candle has been covered. Leave as is or add to them in the following way…

For doily heart luminaries:

Before filling glass jars with gems or candles, wrap a doily or two around the outside of your vessel. Tie it in place with a length of baker’s twine or any twine/ribbon that you like. Insert a hand cut paper heart beneath the bow. I used a page from an old book, but you could use any kind of paper that you like – or maybe even stiffened fabric! Fill with lighted battery-operated candle and gems.