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Paper crafts for kids: Wallet Mini Album tutorial

Cards, Origami, Paper crafts  |  September 28th 2011  |  0 Comment

Here is  a simple wallet style mini album with pages that fit a 4×6 photo.

To start, I am going to show you how to make the template. I started out with a 4×6 piece of cardstock to represent the photos. Then I cut one of my ‘pages’ so that it is slightly larger than the photo (for a mat) and has a strip on the left side for the binding. The lines are drawn in marker here so you get the idea of what I am picturing.

I layed the ‘page’ on the cardstock to get an idea of where to draw the fold lines. This is what I came up with. I started with the middle. I set the page card in the middle and drew lines on either side of it so that there is a little edge around it, so in the final product it will look like a further step of matting. Then I drew the ‘spine’ lines 1/4 inch outside of the first lines. That resulted in the top (larger) flap being 3.75 inches and the bottom flap being 3 inches.

here is another shot of the templates with all the measurements

this is the page template.

I folded along those lines to get the feel of how it would turn out. I don’t have a scoring board, so I just used my metal ruler, pushed up against the line to fold it straight.

next, I layed the sample page down again, and marked where to cut vertically, so that the wallet is just a little bit wider than the page. Then I got out the ‘real’ paper and cut it to the same width.

next I drew the lines like on the template, but with pencil, and folded on those lines, before erasing them again.

I used my corner rounder on the bottom flap, but wanted something a little more interesting for the top flap that will be showing the most.

So I cut the corners off to make it look like a tag or a wallet

in order to get the cuts on the same (but opposite) angle, I drew a line at 1.25 inches in from the corner.

of  course I inked the edges and it looks like this

next we will make the pages. you will get 3 pages from each sheet of cardstock. I used one sheet of purple and one of blue, for a total of 6 pages.  make the first cut at 7.25 inches – just like the width of the template page.

here I added the correct height of the template page and cut that 7.25 inch strip into two pages. Then I cut the ‘extra’ strip from the first cut, into one more page of the same size, before repeating the procedure on the other piece of cardstock.

again using the ruler, since I don’t have a scoring board, I folded the pages on the 3/4 inch line that is showing on the template, to create the spine of the pages.

it’s tough to see here, but then I marked two spots equal distance from the ends of that 3/4 strip, and punched holes with my crop a dile, for the brads

oh and I inked the edges too. then I put the brads in. but wait just a second to do that…

one of the reasons that I chose to bind this with brads is that they can be removed if you want to add more pages or something. When I finally glued the pages to the book (not now) I put the glue on the back of the bottom page but not on the spine, so that you can still get to the brads if you want to add more pages.

Well, it came in handy because at the end, I decided that I didn’t like how plain the spine looked, and I took the brads out and added a border sticker. you can do that now before you put the brads in. See the sticker on the edge? if you are using that same sticker be VERY careful when you pull it up and only use what you need here, because we will be using the rest of it somewhere else.

I also put that green paper mat down, larger than 4×6 but smaller than the page. but that can wait until later.

Next, I thought it would be cool to use the fringe trim so that it showed on the front and on the inside flap. So I wanted it to end at the bottom of the bottom flap, but I wanted the top of that bottom flap to be different. So I measured about how far down I would need to put the trim, so that it just barely reached the bottom fold.

And I cut a strip of the striped paper to fit there. Because I had done something stupid and already cut the striped paper the wrong way, I had to patch the strip together, but since it is striped, and I was very careful, you cant even tell.

next I machine sewed all the way around the wallet. I love machine sewing on my projects, but I honestly didn’t really think this one through because I have clear thread in my bobbin, so on the back (inside) of the wallet, there wasnt a black stitched line like I wanted, instead there was just clear thread over kind of torn holes. I also sewed the fringed trim on.

to fix the clear thread and sort of torn holes thing, I took a fine black pen and just drew a line down sort of overtop the stitching. Then, to cover the stitching from the trim, I wanted to add a ribbon, and thought that giving the same strip treatment on the inside was a good idea to add even more visual interest. since that green strip didn’t have stitching at all, I just drew a line, freehand, around it. So, if you don’t have a sewing machine, or don’t want to do it, you could just a pen for the whole thing. Then I glued the purple ribbon down with fabritac.

then I moved on to the cover. I took the big sticker, and stuck it to some of the green snowflake paper, then cut it out so there is a little border around it. then I cut a piece of the striped paper larger than the sticker but smaller than the front of the wallet, and used a border punch on the right side.

after inking everything, I added some bling on top of where it was printed on the sticker.


this is how I put the glue on the back of the page pack – nice and stuck down, but not past the fold line

I used foam tape on the back of the matted sticker.

and added that, along with some of the pom pom trim, and a couple of ribbon roses and some pins to the cover

Paper crafts for kids: Wallet Mini Album tutorial