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Paper crafts for kids: Template for Tshirt bookmark and cards

Cards, Paper crafts  |  September 27th 2011  |  0 Comment

The hanger turns to be the most “popular” part of the bookmark. More than one people asked me how/where did I get it. I didn’t use any punches or existing templates. The hangers were cut out from normal craft paper with my tiny scissor. As a matter of fact, the hangers are only partial as it is unnecessary to have complete ones.


Here is the template for one of the bookmark.  The size of the paper I used for the bookmark was 5cm x 10cm. The blue shadow parts in the template are places for glue. The dashed lines are for folding. It should be very easy to make the other bookmark from the same template. The differences are the other one is slightly smaller and has a V-neck.