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Paper crafts for kids: Springy Paper Flower tutorial

Making flower, Paper crafts  |  August 30th 2011  |  0 Comment

Curly Paper Flower

DIY: Curly Paper Flower
Paper crafts for kids: Springy Paper Flower tutorial//


Want a fresh paper flower idea just in time for spring? Look no further…


  • Decorative paper
  • Hot glue and gun or glue stick
  • Scissors

Cut 5 strips of paper ½ inch wide by 6 inches long. Cut 3 circular pieces of paper between ½ inch to 1.25 inches in diameter. I used scissors with decorative edges, but you can use regular scissors, too. Curl one strip of paper 3 times. Overlap the ends and glue together. Do this for the remaining 4 strips.

Glue the 3 circular cutouts on top of each other. Assemble the curled strips of paper onto a separate circular cutout. Glue them to the cutout. Center and glue the 3 circle cutouts to the top of the flower.

Now get the kids involved in gearing up for spring with curly paper flowers.

Source: momtastic.com