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Paper crafts for kids: Happy 4th!

Holiday & seasonal crafts, Making flower, Paper crafts  |  June 13th 2012  |  0 Comment

Firework Centerpeice Tutorial

Paper crafts for kids: Happy 4th!

I came up with these cute fireworks after being inspired by Martha Stewart.
I made quite a few changes of my own but you’ve got to give credit where credit is due.

  Tools needed:
I choose to use 12x 12 glittered card stock for my fireworks, you can use whatever makes you happy.
I picked up red, blue and teal from Hobby Lobby. 1 12×12 sheet will make you 4 fireworks.
Start by cutting the card stock in half making 2-12×6 pieces.
I used a rotary cutter instead of scissors to make my cuts, either would work. Make 1/4 inch cuts leaving around and inch at the top uncut.
I slid my stick between a few layers just to show you what the cuts look like.
Here is the back side, its a little easier to see whats going on here without all that glitter.
Now cut that piece in half again, making 2- 6×6 pieces.
Pre-curl your paper before you glue it on the stick, very helpful step!
Use a shish kabob stick and super glue the paper around your stick. Just glue and roll as tight as you can.
Here is what it looks like when it’s all rolled up.
I left some of my fireworks straight and I make some of them curl. Use a pencil or a pen and wrap the paper strips around it to make the curled effect.

Next I put my fireworks into canning jars, I liked the effect but you could use any jar or container you want.

Next I filled my jars 3/4 full of sand, again anything you want to use will work. I like that sand is heavy and my fireworks ,hopefully, wont fall over.

I ordered these cool 4th of July straws from Isakay Boutique on Etsy.
I choose red & blue stars and red & blue stiped straws.
Take a straw and slide it onto your stick before you put the firework into the jar.
I put 5 fireworks into each of my jars.
 Now to embellish your jar. I cut 2 circles out with my sizzix.
I ran the white circle through my crimper. I also cut out a star with one of
my little star punches. All this can be done by hand if you don’t have the right tools,
well except the crimping.
I used hot glue to glue the ribbon around the jar.
Just glue the backside not all the way around because it will look funny.
You can use tape if you want to reuse your jars later.
I did not want the ribbon to come off while being moved so I used hot glue.
Now you’re done!! What an awesome 4th of July center piece.
I sure am excited to use mine. I actually made 5 jars for
the party we are having next weekend.
Source: http://beingcreativetokeepmysanity.blogspot.com/