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Paper crafts for kids: Easy Spring Mural

Home and garden, Home decor, Paper crafts  |  September 8th 2011  |  0 Comment

Kid’s room decor

A few days ago, I bought a package of flower-shaped Post-Its. We couldn’t resist making an inexpensive no-mess Spring mural with them! While Clara was napping this afternoon, Emily helped me take down the four leaf clovers in the sewing room and replace them with colorful flowers! One pack of Post-Its comes with three different colored flowers. We used color coding labels for the centers of the flowers.

Using a cheap roll of craft paper, I cut out the shape of a tree branch, and used masking tape to hold it to the wall. Emily had a go at it with the pink flower-shaped Post-It notes. She kept adding more and more flowers….
I think it turned out quite nicely…
…and it helped brighten up an otherwise rainy afternoon!
Source: @frugalfamilyfunblog.com