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Paper crafts for kids: Easy Four Leaf Clovers

Home and garden, Home decor, Paper crafts  |  September 13th 2011  |  0 Comment

These easy four leaf clovers are sure to bring a little extra good luck! To make your own, you will need, paper for the background, green paper, scissors, and green masking tape.

Use the green masking tape to place the stems of your four leaf clovers on the background paper.

Cut heart shapes from the sheet of green paper. [Tip - You know those heart-shaped cookie cutters you have leftover from Valentine's Day? Trace them, and they make perfect patterns for these.] These will form the leaves of the clover. I placed dots of glue on the paper and Emily formed the clovers herself!
She had a lot of fun doing this, and cracked herself up while thinking of all the crazy things that could happen with all this good luck.
Perfect for St. Patrick’s Day!
I couldn’t resist adding a few of these to the wall in the sewing room. Don’t they look so cheerful?

Mark, pick up some lottery tickets on your way home, will you? I’m feeling lucky!