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Paper crafts for kids: Cupcake-Liner Crafts

Holiday & seasonal crafts, Making flower, Paper crafts  |  December 13th 2011  |  0 Comment

Paper crafts for kids:  Cupcake-Liner Crafts



Ready for a little cupcake fun? And this one even comes without the calories–bonus! Plus, it’s super affordable–bonus #2!


Buy a pack or two of decorative cupcake liners. They come in lots of great styles and only cost around $2 for a pack of 75. With these liners, you can make party banners, flowers, lanterns (or mushrooms if you ask Cory), cards, drink wraps, decorative boxes, and even fortune cookies. With so many ideas to share, I’m going to limit this post to flowers and banners today, and I’ll bring you the rest on Wed. Deal? Deal!



Making flowers is simple. You’ll want a few doilies large and small, which you can choose to color with spray ink (I used Glimmer Mist by Tattered Angels), or you can leave them white. From there, stitch your liners to the centers of the doilies and glue your creation to sucker sticks.



For an added touch, tie on some tulle leaves.



In this example, I stuck the sucker stick through the center of the cup and glued a little tulle in the center.





I created three types of banners with my liners. This one was the easiest. Begin by cutting two liners (back to back) like a sun so that the liners will lie flat. Once cut, put the two liners back to back and run them through your sewing machine. Continue sewing them on until your banner is as long as you want it.



For this banner, I started by stitching on some crepe paper, which I pleated as I stitched (simply scrunch it together as it’s running through your machine). After a few inches of crepe, stitch on your liners and doilies (optional). I did large liners (cut like a sun) and smaller liners, which I folded in half and layered over spray-inked doilies.