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Paper craft for kids: Sweet End of School Year Party

Cards, Making flower, Origami, Paper crafts  |  September 19th 2011  |  0 Comment

Paper crafts for kids

Sweet End of School Year Party

Designer: Lisa Storms

Difficulty rating: Beginner

I enjoy coming up with unexpected themes. So when we decided to throw an end-of-the-school-year party, the production term “that’s a wrap” provided the inspiration I needed to create a wrapped candy themed party. Candy is a popular party theme because it’s so fun, bright, and cheerful … just what we needed to kick off the summer!


I found plenty of ways to create candy embellishments for the party using Fiskars tools, beginning with the invitation. This candy consists of layered circle punches for the center and a scalloped corner from the ‘Broken Square’ lever punch for the ends. Fold the scalloped corner in half and then accordion-fold the sides back as if you were making a paper airplane as shown. Unfold and adhere to back of circles. Adhere to card front with foam pop-up dot.


I wanted to go more 3D for the cupcake toppers. These candies are easily created by creatively cropping the XL scalloped punch and combining multiple circle pop-up punches.


Mark the center of a scalloped square. Cut from the second scallop toward the center on both sides stopping short of the marking. Trim off top and bottom with a straight line. This is the candy wrapper. Punch five circles and fold four in half. Adhere folded backs together and adhere onto wrapper centered. Adhere the final circle onto back for a finished look. Adhere to toothpicks to insert into cupcakes.


I love a dramatic backdrop for candy buffets (wrapped candies here, of course!) and food tables. I turned the traditional accordion party rosettes into oversized candies for a playful background. Begin with different sized rosettes in multiple colors (use a scoring blade in your rotary trimmer for easy, perfect folds).


Cut strips of vellum for the “wrapper” ends. Run an Upper Crust border punch along one side. Cut into 2 to 3 inch pieces and run through paper crimper. I found running the vellum through a paper crimper made it super simple to accordion fold by following the crimped design. Fold and hot glue (low temp) one side to back of candy on each side. If you would like to hang the candies instead, add another rosette onto the back to give a finished look from both sides as it turns. Otherwise, hot glue candies to a foam board covered with paper or fabric to change color if desired.


It’s easy to continue the candy theme at the tablet by adding napkin “wrappers” to circular paper plates. Simply cut one edge of napkin with pinking edgers, accordion fold, and hot glue onto sides of plate. Tie on ribbon bows if desired. Sandwich wraps are a fun choice of party food to further the theme.


I used the same pinking technique to create candy-themed party favors. Wrap bottles of bubbles with colorful tissue paper and trim the edges with pinking edgers. Twist ends and secure with ribbon bows.


These candy decorations are versatile for any festive party without using the “that’s a wrap” theme. It is a fun and of course “sweet” party theme!