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Paintings artwork: Oil Painting … hard to believe!

Needle crafts  |  August 20th 2011  |  0 Comment

This is the work of the artist  Caroline Larsen   from Toronto, still not believe my eyes, but it is not woven fabric, and oil paint, imitating him. 

3518263_CarolineLarsen2550x481 (550x481, 141Kb)

3518263_CarolineLarsen13550x545 (550x545, 120Kb)

3518263_CarolineLarsen3550x440 (550x440, 150Kb)

3518263_CarolineLarsen4550x404 (550x404, 71Kb)

3518263_CarolineLarsen1550x539 (550x539, 109Kb)

3518263_CarolineLarsen7550x740 (520x700, 124Kb)

3518263_CarolineLarsen8550x685 (550x685, 153Kb)

Here is a “mosaic” of color!

Paintings artwork:  Oil Painting … hard to believe!