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Paint Chip Easter Egg Garland tutorial

Cutting paper, Easter's day, Parties  |  April 29th 2011  |  0 Comment


Lately I’ve been eyeing my stack and formulating a few simple projects in my head.  The first of which I present to you today – a DIY Easter egg garland.
This was super easy and turned out even better than I’d hoped.  I love how the white line in the middle mimics the look of a plastic egg.  I even enjoy the slight reflection of words from the back of the paint chips when it’s strung in front of a mirror.
Click through for the quick tutorial and a few more pretty pics.

You can use this to print and cut out an egg template.  I used Home Depot’s Behr paint chips, which have 4 colors per card, and cut them in half eliminating all white except for the line between the two color shades.

I traced the egg on the back of the card (so there wouldn’t be any residual pencil marks on the front) and then cut them out.

Lastly, I punched two small holes in the top of each egg with an extra small hole punch and threaded them onto a piece of waxed cotton.  The cotton did a great job of preventing slippage.


Once all your eggs are strung up you just have to find the perfect spot for them.  Mine has already changed locations a few times and it’s not even April yet… I may have to make a few more.

Grab the kids, some colorful paint chips and this really cool tutorial from Modern Parents Messy Kids and make a totally awesome Easter Egg garland





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