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Packing of soap boxes …

Cutting paper, Paper crafts, Scrapbooking  |  May 10th 2011  |  0 Comment

коробочка для мыла

making boxes for packaging handmade soap (well or other cute knick-knacks

Scheme of the box.
коробочка для мыла

On a thin cardboard box, draw a diagram. Sizes can be made such as are necessary for you.
To draw a semicircular linear, I use an ordinary plate.
Better than the right to hold firm on the lines of the fold (on a blue color scheme).
коробочка для мыла

1. Cut out and glue the box.
2. Okleyte corrugated paper (crepe paper). Well bonded to the adhesive pencil.
3. When dry, cut off the excess crepe paper. On one side of the box cut two semicircular pieces – “openers.”
4. At the front of the box to paste the label of the soap or something that vzbredet you in the head.
5. Assemble the box, bending the first side with the opener, then the other. Straighten the one hand, put soap, bend, nice tie.

коробочка для мыла

Cardboard, crepe paper, glue, pencil, paper, scissors bought a Chancellor. goods.
Ribbons – in the tissues.


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