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Oriential rugs: Mohnatenky and fluffy! tutorial

Needle crafts  |  August 11th 2011  |  0 Comment

Mohnatenky and fluffy! Merry kovrik.Master class.

This form allows you to create beautiful needlework fluffy interior, making your home more cozy and personal. Cheerful rug, made by hand, do not leave anyone indifferent!And this master class will teach you that at first glance the complex creativity! At first glance the complex creativity!


 Carpet canvas


The photo you see my handmade rug “Sunflowers” (size 80×80 cm)

This rug extremely simple to make. You can easily cope with his creation, only to learn to tie knots. And then – is a matter of time and patience.

You will need:

  1. Carpet canvas (or what some dense grid of square cells);
  2. any remnants of colored yarn;
  3. special hook with foot (if you find this impossible, you can use the usual knitting, but it is far less convenient
  4. Carpeted canvas with large cells can be found in many shops for needlework, she sold footage in rolls meter.


special hook for weaving a carpet, and tying them to a knot diagram on the carpet fabric


Threads for the manufacture of handmade carpet pre-prepared. Need to cut them into segments of equal length. The easiest way to do it this way: wound yarn on cardboard 7-8 cm wide, then remove and razrezt top and bottom (only the top or bottom only, depending on the desired length of your threads), on the basis of pompoms.

cut for carpet yarn

Each thread is tied in a bundle special hook rug. These hooks come in different sizes, choose the appropriate thickness of your thread. The hook passes between the Canvas cellules, clings to a thread and pulls it into a particular knot.

The figure you see the hook for carpet weaving and tying a knot diagram.


At this rug will look very good geometric pattern. In addition, as a future picture diagram suitable for embroidery cross. The principle is the same – a cross is a knot. I created my own schema in the program Pattern Maker for cross stitch.

The reverse side of the mat is as follows (there are very clearly visible image):

the reverse side of a carpet woven with his own hands
It is important to make a preliminary calculation that the number of cells in the circuit does not exceed the number on the carpet fabric. You must also keep a couple of inches around the perimeter of the canvas to the finished Acc carpets.

The edges of the pad can bend on the wrong side, braid or sheathing, for example, take the rug in Binding (where they will go under the box). I like lace skirting the usual crochet hook.

In the process of weaving a carpet ponytails loops obtained slightly different lengths.

Swifts woven carpet pile trim their own hands
To align them, ready to carpet trimmed (if desired). For this purpose, there is a special tool, but I use ordinary stationery scissors. The shorter the pile, the “clearer” picture of the carpet.

cut pile carpets
Another rug, made in the technique of weaving knot.

Was placed in the same way, but a knot tied at the stage under the number 4 (if you look at the diagram above). Note that in this case, the bundle will still need to tie (not pulling the ends of thread completely), otherwise a string of bloom.

With the finalization of the carpet loops are not trimmed.

do not cut the carpet woven with his own hands
The carpet, woven by the hands, “Color Fantasy” (size 60×60 cm).

piece of carpet near the handmade

Oriential rugs: Mohnatenky and fluffy! tutorial