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Natural Art: Living wooden sculptures.

Funny, Green crafts, Natural crafts, Other crafts  |  May 22nd 2011  |  0 Comment

Живые деревянные скульптуры 

Living wooden sculptures

Sculptures made ​​of wood – this is not necessarily rude ancient idols, small netsuke and gloomy stumps-lesovichki in kindergarten. Not always necessary to kill a living plant to give it a new unusual shape – this assumption is the basis of an interesting hobby, called Tree shaping, or arborsculpture – or, roughly translated it into Russian, drevomodelirovanie.

Tree shaping: живые деревянные скульптуры

Tree shaping: live wood sculptures

In fact, a hobby that’s not young, green. It is very similar to the traditional, old forms of care for the trees – such as the same bonsai . But a special “chip” Tree shaping is that the green crown – the seemingly pleasant to the eye of the tree – pales into insignificance. But the trunk becomes an object of fancy manipulation.

Деревянные скульптуры вокруг нас

Wooden sculptures around us

“Architects” living tree sculptures begin with, pick a good, fairly flexible, plastic tree. And then in the course are special tools by which the barrel turn, bend, split, splice again. The resulting design can be up to a complex that will remind a wicker chair.Although not all chasing the abundance of weaves: perhaps the most popular in the Tree shaping themes – a simple “Pacific” and “man.”

Деревянные скульптуры

Wooden sculptures

The main difficulty when working on live wood sculpture is that it requires truly extraordinary patience. They say to get the English lawn, you need to take care of him 400 years. Of course, the trees to simulate a specially selected high-growth, but they are forced to tinker with them more than a year, so this kind of leisure is approached to some extremely long-lived inhabitants of the forests – for example, tolkinovskim elves.

Живые деревянные скульптуры

Living wooden sculptures

For several hundred years appear like living sculptures (or more correctly – the structure?). Golden Hands innate gardeners, imagination and patience of job – that will help create a masterpiece that will last a generation. It’s certainly better than writing on the barrel knife “Masha + Vova =…”.

Деревянные скульптуры - самые долговечные

Wooden sculptures – the most durable
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