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Nail art for teen

Nail  |  September 14th 2011  |  0 Comment

Watermelon Toenails

I have a fun little pedi to share with you today. I shared it over on Sew Dang Cute a couple weeks ago, but I thought I would post it in case you missed it.

I saw this on one of the teens at church and about died it was so cute. I had a 14 year old niece coming out to visit and knew this would be such a fun project for us. Introducing…

Watermelon Toenails

Don’t they just scream fun?!


  • Coral, bright pink or red nail polish
  • Green nail polish
  • French manicure nail stickers
  • Black acrylic paint
  • Toothpick
  • Clear nail polish

1. Paint pink/red base coat. Allow to dry.

2. Tape off the tips with the french manicure stickers.

3. Paint tips green.

4. Remove tape strips. Either take them off when the paint is really fresh or after it has dried for a long time, otherwise it will make the edges furry.

5. Use a toothpick to add a black dot in the middle of your nail. Use the opposite tip to drag the dot to a point making a teardrop shape. Repeat putting three “seeds” on each toenail. I did not do seeds on my pinky toenails because they are tiny.

6. Cover with a clear coat to add shine and protection.

Put on some sandals and enjoy your cute watermelon toenails! As an update, I did these watermelon toenails on like the 15th of July and I still have them! They have lasted way longer than I expected!

Source; alittletipsy.com