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Mum gifts: Paper weaving for Mother’s Day

Cards, Mother's day, Paper crafts  |  September 2nd 2011  |  0 Comment

Mum gifts: Paper weaving for Mother’s Day

Making cards

This would make a great hand made Mother’s Day card. Mums love handmade!
I actually gave my Mum a different card for Mother’s Day and this was her birthday card.
Anyhoo, this is how it’s made:
First select a bunch of papers. I went for all blue but a mix of different colours could look good too.
Then cut them into small strips.
Cut a shape out of a card. I went for a flower. It’s a classic for Mums, right?
Figure out how wide the woven paper area needs to be based on the shape you cut out then line up strips of paper and stick some sellotape across them all at the edge.
Then start weaving.
When you’re done secure the paper with sellotape all around the edges and even on the back.
Then stick the paper weaving to the inside of the card.

Source: thecraftartykid.blogspot.com