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Mum gift: place mat purse tutorial – three projects in one

Bags, Sewing  |  August 23rd 2011  |  0 Comment
Mum gift: place mat purse tutorial – three projects in one

Sewing pattern and tutorial

Our sweet friend whipped up this cute bag for her teenage daughter. It is a great compact bag and super easy to make. We were able to create one just like it without a pattern and having seen it only once. As we were sewing this project we realized that you could really turn it into three projects–a cute carrier and two different style purses.

Place Mat Purse Tutorial

You will need:

*One place mat
*Coordinating ribbon
*Purse handles
*Sewing machine

First, cut your ribbon into two 8 1/2 inch pieces.

Thread the ribbon through the purse handles and pin it to one short end of your place mat. Use a measuring tape to center your handles.

Sew them on.

Next, cut two pieces of ribbon the width of your place mat and sew it across. This will cover up the raw edges of the first two pieces of ribbon. If you stop here, you will have a cute carrier. This is similar to the big leather carriers that is used to carry firewood into your house. This by no means will be sturdy enough to carry firewood, but would make a wonderful carrier for things like garden flowers. Just take it outside open it up and lay your flower clippings in it. When you are done gathering flowers or whatever you can pull it up by the handles and you have a carrier.

If you want to make it a purse, match your handles up with your fabric right sides together, or, if you have a double sided place mat, make sure the print you want on the outside of your bag is inside. Sew both sides of the bag.

This is a cute, flat purse.

If you want a boxier bottom then before turning your purse right side out, pinch up the corners and stitch across.

Like so:

Trim the corner off and turn right side out. Now you have a cute purse with a boxy bottom.

Source: littlebirdiesecrets.blogspot.com