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Mother’s Day Craft: making cards

Cards, Holiday & seasonal crafts, Mother's day, Painting, Paper crafts  |  September 3rd 2011  |  0 Comment
Hey friends! Today I am going to share a simple, handmade Mother’s Day gift that any momma or grandma would ♥!
My 3rd graders made these for their mommas for Mother’s Day.
  Mother’s Day Craft

making cards

What you will need:
-white paper
-colored construction paper or card stock
-paint brush
-2 little hands
-sink (for clean up)
1. Using the paint brush, paint 2 little hands.
2. With fingers together, put hands together so that index fingers and thumbs on both hands are side-by-side.
3. Place hands on white paper and press down.
4. Lift hands straight up and wash up. Print should look like an upside down heart.
5. Let dry.
6.Turn paper around so the heart hand print is right side up and glue to construction paper/card stock. This creates a “frame” around the white paper.
7. Cut out poem and glue on paper.
8. Give your handmade Mother’s Day gift to your momma or grandma!
*I wrote the year on the back and then had them laminated too.
Here is a close up of the poem…
Simple, inexpensive, handmade gift to give the mommies in your life!
Will you be giving handmade gifts for Mother’s Day this year?
Source: mineforthemaking.blogspot.com