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how to make a patch on jeans for 15 minutes

Sewing  |  January 6th 2012  |  0 Comment

Holes in jeans fashionable topic for decades, but what if the hole goes beyond fashion? Of course to make a patch. In the Internet there are many suggestions how to make a patch on the jeans, and you’ll be able to come up with an original patch.

Zaplatka-1 (700x466, 77Kb)
how to make a patch on jeans for 15 minutes. There is a hole right through. Initially, it was not through and kept on horizontal strings. Location at the right pocket, it is visible through the lining of his pocket and pants that did not decorate the holder.

Zaplatka-2 (700x466, 64Kb)To get the patch of color similar piece of jeans. Shortening the jeans do not throw scraps, may be useful. If not similar, then a lighter piece will look better in my taste of course. On the reverse side, around the hole, place pieces of adhesive webs and cover with a piece of the selected pair of jeans. Stick with the steam iron. You can certainly tack, but I’m lazy and do not feel like a lady pick up the needle, where available adhesive spider. Place a piece of jeans so that the “diagonal grooves jeans” look in one direction.

Zaplatka-31 (700x466, 160Kb)

Pick up the thread in the fabric color (this is the most complicated case), you may have to go with jeans in the store and pick up on the spot. And stitch around the hole, taking over the direction of the lines “diagonal grooves in jeans,” then the thread will “sink” and the lines will be almost in sight.

Zaplatka-4 (700x466, 95Kb)
The view from the inside out. Contrast thread used for illustrative purposes

Zaplatka-5 (700x466, 106Kb)
View from the face. At the request of the owner of the white “rags” are stored, the idea of ​​fashion was left a hole.

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