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Miniature handmade: unique gifts

Other crafts  |  August 13th 2011  |  0 Comment

Incredible miniature handmade Mary Glukhova, hand-painted.

Size cup – approximately 5x9mm, author’s signature on the Donets – like cups and saucers


Miniature handmade: unique gifts



MK on cups


Baked on the bead is natural, therefore must be heat-resistant glass bead (glass or wood without varnish). Removed hot. If not immediately available – pry the edge of the needle and let the air under the plastic, then remove. If the plastic has cooled down, and sat tight, heat it under running hot water.   MK on the saucer      as the basis used light bulbs with a small cap. In general, it does not matter with which the cap, the main thing that was smooth glass surface.