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Mini Herringbone bead for Christmas gift

Beading and knotting, Christmas's day, Holiday & seasonal crafts, Making flower  |  October 29th 2011  |  4 Comments

We need green and clear beads, oval bead, monofilament, the pin with a ball, toothpick.

Mini Herringbone bead for Christmas gift

So, let’s begin. Take the oval bead, I took Amber. Take a bead diameter of 2 cm and a bottom connected to it with glue “Moment” plastic or metal ring to bead was
more stable. In a hole beads insert the wand, you can paste it right away.

Of green and clear beads nizhem fir twigs, according to the scheme.

Need to work on the fishing line to keep the shape of branches. Make a ring of eight green beads, combining them so that the beads touching sides. When the ring is ready, the needle should go on the outer side of it (Fig. 1).
Weave one row of the first branch of green beads: type two beads, go down into the bead to the right of the one from which emerged the needle. Then draw the needle up through the same bead, which in the beginning, and through the first of recruited (Fig. 2).

Type the two white beads. Draw the needle through both right down the bead, then through the adjacent beads rings – up (Fig. 3). Vypletite is similar to a branch of one row of green and one row of white beads. Moving around the circle, bring the number of branches to four (Fig. 4). Fasten and cut the line.
Such details will need three pieces – they constitute the tip of the Christmas tree. The next part (also three units) whipping on the same principle, but the green rows of each twig make two – it will be slightly higher than previous. And so on.Whipping the lower parts, adding one row. All you’ll need three items of each size – there will be two to seven green series.

When all branches are ready, you can begin to build. Put on the shelf spruce branches, starting with the biggest. Branches should be worn a little tight, so you do not hang out. If your rod is too thin, wrap it with tape, if thick – Stoch part of the blade.

Cut off the excess – the upper edge of the stick should be flush with the last bead detail.

Lubricate the pin with glue. Put an asterisk on it. Stick a pin in the stick, for reliability can be glue. Give the whole structure to dry.

Well, that’s all!


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