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MARMALADE in the microwave

Cake, Recipes  |  June 9th 2011  |  0 Comment

Plum blue

300 g


3 pc.

Granulated sugar

270 g


2 g

Marmalade of thorns is very simple. We can say that is itself, and you only perform ancillary technical work: wash, cut, turn on or off, stir, pour, sprinkles and lay.

Ingredients 1-th stage:

Plum blue

300 g


3 pc.

Marmalade plum-type turn in conjunction with apples Antonovka type (although there has wormed one little shabby apple of unknown origin, but the purity of the breed of marmalade is not affected).
Both took the eye in a volume ratio of about 1:1.
Plum cut in half and wormy threw without remorse. Apples are peeled from the skin (sorry, of course, but the skin is badly cooked in marmalade is a foreign body). Cut folded into a suitable bowl

The ingredients of Phase 2:

Granulated sugar

250 g

Sleep sugar about the same amount as the plums. In what will be an opportunity to bring sweetness to the desired condition, but first it is better not to overdo it. That’s almost all. Continue to work a microwave.
Delivered at full capacity and cooked about 20 minutes to complete raskisaniya fruits and thickens. During this time, a couple of times getting out from the oven a vessel and stirred with a spoon content.
Do not get carried away large quantities of product, from my experience that the optimal weight of the whole substance should not exceed 700-800 grams. After the fruit pulp thickens, put the oven on half power mode and then let boil mass about the same time not forgetting to take it and stir. Taste and, if it is sour, add sugar. When you feel that the marmalade is almost cooked – and it will be seen on density and by the way he seizes on the cooled substrate, where you have it stirred, put the stove in the regime of 10-15% of maximum power and cook for another 15 minutes until cooked. All of these dances with tambourines need to thickened mass does not start you have to burn from overheating.

Ingredients 4-th stage:


2 g

Pull out a suitable plastic box (I had a plastic box for food storage), promazyvaete finger at the bottom with a thin layer of butter (insurance – not stuck), pour back the thick mass of hot, level surface with a spoon and give it to cool the air around day.
Then gently tapping the sides of the box and swinging shakes plate of marmalade on the board, it is quite dry and almost does not stick to hands.

Ingredients Step 6:

Granulated sugar

20 g

Sprinkle it with sugar sand pritoptyvaete sugar palm (preferably through the film), for a constant and so for some time.
Next, carefully cut into strips and then into squares, dunk the ends in the sugar and fold into the box, shifting layers of baking paper or greased rubber stamp so as not to stick together. Well, now finally all.

PS By the way, somewhere in the middle of the process can add a lot of zest of lemon or lime slice and the shortcut or two lemons (cut away the white rim!). Adds a fine and noble note.


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