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How to making felt flower, video tutorial

Felt, Video  |  January 10th 2012  |  0 Comment

Felt – is the oldest technique for obtaining textiles. Everyone is familiar with Russian boots, nomads of the wing blades felt their homes, felt hats – it is also felt.


What are the ways of felting?

There are two basic techniques of felting: wallow in the wet and wallow needles (filtsevanie). Often in complex products are used both techniques. For example, you can matted fabric (scarf, hat, mittens or a handbag) and then fill any pattern with a needle.


How do they differ?

They differ in the way of tangling the wool fibers. Needle felting to have a indent on the blade, they cling to the fiber and confuse them with each other. When on-wet felting, everything is different: lathered, wet fibers easily slide relative to each other and entangled, so that the finished product is then not will spread apart.

How to making felt flower, video tutorial