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Making cat angle tutorial

Clay, Needle crafts, Other crafts, Sewing, Soft toys  |  May 31st 2011  |  0 Comment

(480x640, 127Kb)(640x480, 140Kb)This is not a banger, and the float bought in the fishing shop. In principle, we can take the cork from the wine, just for me, they ran out. The float of dense foam, so that does not crumble. Cut with a knife head and torso. Something like this.
(640x480, 87Kb)After this, a copper wire make arms and legs. Wire is inserted through. The tips of the bends.
(640x480, 93Kb)Spread it’s head with glue (I have a moment-gel, and the crystal can be) and start winding the wool thread. Threads bought suitable to the touch, at much as anyone likes.
(640x480, 87Kb)
Then spread it with glue, and wraps his hands, starting with the palms. Winding wire, then bends to the end and wraps the whole arm a few times until the desired thickness.On the same principle of doing all the other limbs.
(640x480, 89Kb)
Get something like this:
(640x480, 99Kb)
Then begin to wrap the trunk, plastered it with glue.
(640x480, 104Kb)
The fact that cats actually have a tail, I remember it was at this point. Therefore, we put the tail where you want, and swathes of all on the same technology. Glue the head.Begin (again smeared with glue) swathe across the torso, trying to avoid gaps between the threads.
(640x480, 102Kb)
It turns out something like this:
(640x480, 102Kb)
To make the ears, I usually use regular staples. Also, wraps the wire first, then all the ear entirely.
(640x480, 121Kb)
Look like this:
(640x480, 102Kb)
Spread it with glue ear wire and stick into place.
(640x480, 96Kb)
Bend the wire in the shape of wings.
(640x480, 112Kb)
Just pulls the strings of glue.
(640x480, 99Kb)
Again, smeared with glue sticks them in the back. Eye make from ordinary pins, paint them all white. Pupils are not yet draw! Shorten the pin pliers and glue stick in place.Nose can be made from anything, I prefer buckwheat. Simply cut in half with a sharp knife and pasting.
(640x480, 96Kb)
Moustaches make a thin fishing line. We put in the needle and stitches here and there, so then they do not accidentally pull out. Trim to desired length. Draw the mouth. I have a gel pen to draw, but can anything, just not smeared. Halo of the same wire to bend and stick. Well, it remains to draw the eyes, it’s more just depends on facial expression.
(480x640, 127Kb)

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