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Making cards: Blooming Canvas Art tutorial

Cards, Kirigami, Paper crafts  |  September 28th 2011  |  0 Comment

a little Spring and used canvas.


- stretched canvas (I used two that measured 7×14″…purchased them at Walmart in the craft section)
- textured cardstock (white scrapbook paper)
- acrylic paint (colors of your choice, have fun with it!)
- glue stick
- Mod Podge
- paint brushes (I used the sponge for paint, brush for mod podge)
- scissors
I searched for “flower silhouettes” on google images…and found this great site: J.A. Taylor Designs. I emailed them requesting permission to use their images and they were great to let me :) I just saved the images, inserted them into Word, and printed the two pages.

I smeared the glue stick all over the printed image, and placed it face-down onto the back (smooth side) of the textured cardstock, then smoothed it out.

The picture above doesn’t show extremely well, but you will be able to see the flower’s silhouette which will serve as a guide for where you’ll cut. You may want to trace with a pencil first…then cut.
Lay the cut-out onto a scrap piece of paper, and brush Mod Podge onto the back of the flower silhouette (the paper part, not the cardstock)…do this quickly because the Mod Podge dries fast! Place silhouette onto the canvas, and press firmly yet delicately from behind AND on top. And brush off any mod podge that oozes out from behind the silhouette cut-out.
Now the fun part! The paint colors I was going for were a golden yellow and a dusty blue, but the yellow turned out more orange, so luckily I had some white to mix in and lighten it up a bit. Be sure to test the colors by brushing them onto a scrap piece of paper. I brushed the paint with horizontal strokes…and didn’t go quite to the edge, but left a whispy, brushed look to give it some texture. But as you can see below, you have plenty of options :)

Making cards: Blooming Canvas Art tutorial