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Making camellia for baby

Felt, Making flower, Making flower, Sewing  |  September 17th 2013  |  0 Comment

Making camellia for hair tie tutorial

We will need ribbon 5cm wide glue I use the time crystal yarn the color of tape needle beads for jewelry line and needles to fix but you can do without them.

Cut the tape to 12 cm and a singe edge way you want. I use Scorchlord . For this bow , we need 17 pieces

МК воздушный бантик

Bend the corner on the wrong side as shown in photo
We turn to the right side and bend the corner

A triangle that folds in half and fix
The same thing is done on the other side

Sews a basting stitch without cutting the thread

Fold the next petal face inside

We pull together and fasten the thread of the thread end singe

Straighten the edges and that’s turned out we have such a petal

Now you are ready to assemble the bow-tie

The first series of eight petals dress on a string exactly in the center

Form a row while stroking the petals through the first petal anchoring prune and singe thread

МК воздушный бантик


The second row consists of 6 petals.

The third row consists of three petals. Dress on a thread but now is not the center and a little stepping on the edge of about 2 mm

Fix a thread cut the singe
Spreads rose slightly twisting back and that’s what happens

We connect the layers

This is what happens from the inside out

Our bow ready.
The edges as desired can be painted sequins.