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Make great gifts: Crafts Magnets tutorial

Jewelry making, Other crafts  |  September 22nd 2011  |  0 Comment



Make great gifts: Crafts Magnets tutorial


What you´ll need:

1.- Washi tape or any piece of paper that you like for its colors, or patterns or motifs.

2.- Clear glue. I used this one below and it works pretty good.

3.-Cristal pebbles.

4. Small Magnets.


peble tutorial

Step by step Instructions

pebble tutorial 02pmgtutorial 03

1.- Cut a small piece of washi tape or of the paper of your choice. It has to be the same size as the pebble .

2.- In case of using washi tape, tape it to a white piece of paper or cardboard.

3.- Add some glue on the right side of the paper.

4.- Put the pebble on top and press slighty.

5.- Let it dry

6.-Glue the magnet on the back.You can find this type of magnetes here.

7.- and 8. - Are examples of using the washi tape and some bits of paper with butterflies on them.

♥IDEA♥ I made these with my kids and they painted their own little pieces of paper with their ideas and they came out so cute!!!they make great gifts !