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Loop of string

Beading and knotting, Knotting  |  May 31st 2011  |  0 Comment


These loops are often combined with round “Chinese” buttons, which makes the products of traditional oriental look.

Such loops can be made ​​of the finished tape or rulika fabric, tailored on the bias, with a cord inside. In color, they can blend in or contrast with your equipment. Of lace and rulika can do parts or all sorts of patterns for all models. Fabric, cord diameter and the size of the loops make it possible for a large number of combinations.


To make rulik, cut the fabric on the bias length of about 152.5 cm for each loop. For a loop of cord, designed for a round of the “Chinese” buttons, cut the fabric length of 183 cm length rulika depends on its diameter.

How to make a loop of cord rulika


1) Cut strips of fabric on the bias. Make rulik cord. Fold it in half and connect the two strips seam “over the edge” from the bottom. Performing a loop, keep rulik face to him.


2) At one end of rulika make a small loop on top, and bottom – great. Drag the long end of the back of a small loop (a). For a loop with the round “Chinese” a button (b) first make a button, stepping back to 10 cm from one edge rulika, then – loop by placing a button at the top of a small loop.


3) Drag the long end around, making the inside of a large lower loops another loop in the direction of the original loop.


4 ‘Pull the long end up


5) Pull the long end up around a small loop at the top of the previous loops. Pull the end down to the center of large lower loops and enter it into the hole in the center. Drag through and secure.



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