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Leaves pictures for home: DIY Matte Boards

Green crafts, Home and garden, Home decor, Natural crafts  |  September 29th 2011  |  0 Comment
Hi friends. Hope everyone has had a wonderful week so far. It’s blowing my mind that it’s already Thursday–things have been super crazy around here!

I recently purchased these amazing vintage botanical prints from Ebay with the hopes of framing and hanging them in our bedroom. I was pretty happy to buy all of the frames at Michael’s with a 50% off coupon and quickly began my quest for the perfect matte boards. That search came to a screeching halt however when I realized that the prints sizes were 6.75″x9″. Apparently, you can’t buy pre-made matte boards in that particular size. Annoying. On top of that, I found out that custom-made matte boards from good old Hobby Lobby were $20. Each. Also annoying.

Since I’m seriously cheap, I set out to find a way to make custom matte boards on my own. After briefly considering white card stock, I decided that I wanted to use something a bit more substantial. And then I came across the one and only Foam Sheet. Fifty cents at Hobby Lobby. Holla!

Here is the final product:

  Leaves pictures for home: DIY Matte Boards

Now, this isn’t rocket science, but I figured I would fill you all in on a much more affordable way to make a custom matte board if the need arises.

First, go to your local craft store and grab a few large foam sheets.

Next, grab your husband and have him first measure the size of your frame (and cut the foam sheet accordingly), and then measure the size of the print (and again, cut accordingly). Take lots of pictures and make him mad.

Assemble everything like you normally would and then….watch out! Prepare to be amazed at how great your masterpiece looks.

Just the right amount of depth and texture. I honestly can’t tell that my “custom matte boards” are really foam sheets. Can you?

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