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Learn embroidery: Embroider decorative item of clothing

Embroidery, Needle crafts  |  August 10th 2011  |  0 Comment

Today decided to show you how easy it is to produce a decorative element, which you can decorate a T-shirt, top, bag, make it a brooch, and any option that you will come to mind =)

Learn embroidery: Embroider decorative item of clothing

bead embroidery tutorial

1. For the work we need: 
A piece of denim fabric, beads of various sizes and colors, matte and glossy, beads, crystals, thread and needle. You can also use any of the little things that are at hand: satin ribbons, buttons, etc. ..



2. Put a piece of denim lighter side to me:


3. Draw in pencil any figure you want to embroider. In my case it’s a butterfly. But in general it can be anything: flower, sun, random designs, etc.


4. Bead in an office image, and then inside. At the same time deploy the crystals, beads and all sorts of stuff.



5. Obtain a complete picture. By the way, you can just sew it on the jeans that will give them a playfulness and zest




6. Now we ponadobyatsya scissors.


7. Cut our picture, carefully leaving the edges by 2 mm.


So our butterfly is ready!


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