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Knitting booties tutorial

Baby, booties, Knitting, Needle crafts  |  May 14th 2011  |  0 Comment

 (700x525, 145Kb)

Proceed. Number of spokes select a thread. I was knitting № 2,5.
We collect the main color yarn loops 46 2 Edge and face knit stitch (license ranks – people. Loop izn. Ranks – izn. Loop).
1-st row : 22n crossover yo, 2n, crossover yo, 22n.
Crossed yo – bend string arc and rotate clockwise. Obtain the loop pull on the spoke.

 (640x480, 63Kb)

3rd row: 22n, cross over. YO, 4n, cross over. YO, 22n. So knit 2 – 2,5 cm, not forgetting each personal number after and before the 22n. delut crossed yo and increase the number of loops in the middle for 2. Should happen

 (700x525, 85Kb)

Take the thread of another color (the main thread does not terminate) and knit “teeth”, but without the additions. 3-row front satin

 (700x525, 185Kb)

Knitting 4-th row (the work for you wrong side): * 2 n along the front, yo (yo simple for holes). Knit to the end of the series from * to *

 (700x525, 169Kb)

5 th and 6 th row – front satin
Thread breaks and fixes.


 (700x525, 154Kb)

Now we take the main thread tsveta.Skladyvaem half that is connected with another color. Obtained cloves. They need to fix. I do it with a hook.
Provyazyvaem 2n together (one loop with the needle, and the other from the wrong side of a contrasting color loops of the first series) resulting loop is worn on the spoke. Make sure that the “teeth” is not straight.

 (700x525, 104Kb)


 (700x525, 145Kb)


 (700x525, 118Kb)

Provyazyvaem 7 more rows of satin persons (1,5 – 2 cm).

 (700x525, 183Kb)

Calculate an average of 12 loops (I 20 12 +20). Provyazyvaem 20 loop yarn main color. Attach the thread of a different color and knit pattern “three out of three” on an average of 12 loops. At the end of each row provyazyvaem last loop with a loop of the base color.
Pattern of “three out of three” :1-nd row – * 3p, 3p from the (combined) vyvyazyvaem three loops (1n, 1 yo, 1n) * Knit from * to *. Purl row – purl. Third row – * from 3p. vyvyazyvaem 3 loops, 3p * from * to *. Purl row – purl. And so on.
Should get 4 column by 4 “shells” in each.

 (700x525, 149Kb)


 (700x525, 166Kb)


 (700x525, 167Kb)


 (700x525, 158Kb)


 (700x525, 152Kb)

Thread of another color breaks and anchoring. Dovyazyvaem some thread of the base color.

 (700x525, 145Kb)

Knitting 8.6 series garter. Continue making holes for the strap: * 2 along those yo, 2 n *. Knit from * to *.

 (700x525, 173Kb)

Knit 5 more rows of facial harmony. Attach the thread of a different color and knit “teeth”. Thread of the main color trim and fasten.

 (700x525, 175Kb)

By linking up to the end of the “kinks” breaks the thread along its length. We add “teeth” in half, take the needle and start stitching over the edge loops of the first and last rows (as well as at the beginning, only the loops do not collect on the needle, and sew). Sew soles and back of the booties. Knitting shnurochek or insert the ribbon. READY!

 (700x525, 132Kb)


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