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Knitting baby shoes tutorial

booties  |  May 5th 2011  |  0 Comment

length of foot 13cm
Scored 38 on the spokes of Work 1 number of loops in the middle of a facial place a marker
All knit garter
Gain from the second row 4 loops in every second row 2petli at the beginning and end and 2 in the middle,
Metal Edge, yo, 17 facial, yo, 2 facial, yo, 17 facial, yo, Metal Edge
the following series with the addition of 19 facial, then 21 and so on
We add up to 54 loops including the Edge and secondary – is the bottom soles

Now vyvyazyvaem bokovinku soles provyazyvaem on the front side of one row purl purl loops facial – it turns on the wrong side of the front three rows of coats (it helps to give shape)

knit garter height of what should have 2 stripes (front-purl row), then a strip of red and two gray-white
- Face
- Wrong side

On the front side marker provyazyvaem to facial and start Vyvyazyvanie sock

Getting Started with 4 loops 2 to marker 2, after the marker – and knit the truncated series in each row by adding at the end of one loop while the spokes are not there will be 12 loops

knit on, it was only at the end of the series does not add a loop, and provyazyvaem last 12 with a loop on the side of the personal front row, and purl purl
white and gray I provyazano six slips (face-purl row) and three blue stripes

(For photos of two blue)
Continue to knit an average of 12 loops in blue to the desired length – I only have 12 blue slips, and binds directly

Now, knit bokovinki All loops + recruit as a continuation of 4 loops along the sides toward the toe
here like a seen in the photo

We have 38 loops on the needles knit two stripes (4 rows) and then do exactly tog every second (it can be the fourth row) at the beginning and end of the series and do not forget about the holes for the strap (two along the front, yo) I have done with an interval of three stripes and the beginning of a series retreated three loops, so in the end
sole sew, bokovinku binds rachim step knit red circle and lace

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