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Knickers Sarouel for women : sewing tutorial

Fashion, Needle crafts, Sewing  |  May 18th 2011  |  0 Comment

Perform better with soft, flowing fabrics. And on a cut pants, these are very raznoobrazny.Obschim is that they are free in the hips, and sometimes at the waist, but more importantly, the average seam, or as they call it, the seam seat, moves away from the anatomical dimensions of the figure. So very far away! Sometimes it ends up almost not at polu.Nekotorye resourceful ladies dress pants are made of: two in one – also, why not?


On the basis of the usual patterns are building a new cut. Can be directly on the material.

1.Snachala expand the waist on both sides, about 1.5 times (recess ignore). I deliberately did not cite any specific numbers, because it is not essential.

2.Nahodite desired length trousers. At that altitude, take measurements with your leg and, accordingly, it build the size of segments CD and the hedgehog (note: a segment on the back half of a trouser DLY should generally be 4 cm longer than the anterior segment of the SD – this is because it is generally constructed trousers – back leg, from knee to 4 cm wider than the front – 2 cm from each side).

3.Dalee build new lines of mid-seam and stepping joints. You can expand at your discretion, so I brought two options: you can do and the wider and narrower.

The main condition: the line DB = WE (Option 1)
Line DB = Z’E (option 2) and between them and the middle seam lines AB (AB ‘), VB (VB’) should be 90 degrees.

Warning: the line AB is not equal to the line OT (first version)
similar to AB ‘does not equal the OT’ – those on the back half (EOI and EOI ‘) longer than the front (AB and AB’), because that is in the standard, a cut starting.

And here a model for those who do not want to do an assembly at the waist. All Same as previous, but made a flirt. These pants a little bit a longer past.
Coquette, a width of 7 cm Ignore tuck. At the bottom of the cuff – also build on the size of his feet at this altitude.

Both trousers are tailored in the form of direct piece, which is inserted a broad band

————————————————– ——–

Cut out a little differently. Can be done is not entirely out of soft tissues. Suitable thin costume.

A similar model. In white are visible features cut. As can be clearly seen from the photo, the line ….Well .. I do not know how to call it (see photo), located parallel to the floor, ie it is horizontal. This is what we are building on our drawing pants. Main condition: AB = B, and it all takes place just above knee level. The lower part of trousers constructed close to the size of his feet.

Constructing the line AB, we rise from it up vertically to the liter. waist. Excess material at the waist laying into one large fold, as a black model, or pucker, as in white.

The back half can be rebuilt in exactly the same front (see orange line) and just sosborena – so made a white model. But if you do not want an additional amount back, you better connect with t.V waistline – the green line. Then from behind trousers are almost on the thighs. So make a black model.

ABTOP: Irina Aslanov

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