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Kids activities for summer: Quiet Felt Tan Gram Tutorial

Felt, Making flower, Making toys  |  September 8th 2011  |  0 Comment
Kids activities for summer:   Quiet Felt Tan Gram Tutorial
I’ve been walking by this overflowing bin of felt for far too long…
stuffed with piles of scraps left over from various projects that I couldn’t bear to just throw away.
So I came up with my own quiet version of the familiar tan gram games like these…

do you remember these from grade school?

My little green boy loves his Nana’s modern i pad version of these little games so after I got the kiddies in bed one night I sat and watched a recorded Mentalist episode while I cut my scraps into shapes.
Yes, I admit … I love Jane.

I cut various shapes and sizes … mostly triangles, rectangles and squares.
(I didn’t include all the traditional tan gram shapes)

The cutting would also be a GREAT project to give your older kids to keep them busy this Summer!
(in 30-45 min. I was finished with all my little shapes -
your timing obviously all depends on how many you want)

Then, the next morning we made some fun playing with our new quiet game.
(using a plain white or gray piece of felt as our ‘paper’)
This one turned out to be green boy’s favorite creation … “a party on a boat”
Now go make some quiet fun with those little people!

Source: dhwilson.blogspot.com