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Jewelry making: St. Patrick’s Day & Spring Bling, craft ideas for kids

Beading and knotting, Clay, Holiday & seasonal crafts, Jewelry making  |  August 24th 2011  |  0 Comment

To make these special beads mix up some flour, salt, oil and water.

Salt Dough Recipe

* 3 Cups flour
* 1 Cup salt
* 1 tablespoon oil
* 3/4  to 1 cup water
* Mix well and knead with hands.


Begin making beads by rolling small pieces of dough between hands.

Use a skewer to make a hole in the middle of the bead. Make the holes really large. The dough will shrink during baking.

Cookie Cutters can be used to make pendants for the necklaces. To make the shamrock cut out three small hearts, press together and then add a piece of dough for the stem.

Once all the beads are made they need to be baked. Bake beads and pendants at 300 degrees for about an hour (turning once).

After the beads have been baked and cooled they are ready to paint. (We used acrylic paint.)

Once the paint has dried, give the beads a coat of clear spray paint.

Use a yarn needle to thread the beads onto crochet thread (what we used), embroidery floss or yarn. Placing a clip on the end will keep the beads from slipping off the end while stringing.

Carefully thread the beads onto the thread. We used this opportunity to talk about pattern and symmetry.

Place necklace around neck and tie in the back. Now you have some bling for spring too!

Jewelry making: St. Patrick’s Day & Spring Bling,

craft ideas for kids

Source: skiptomylou.org