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Jewelry making: rosy ring, easy to make

Felt, Jewelry making  |  September 26th 2011  |  0 Comment

Rosy Ring

I have been admiring felt roses all over blogland.
So yesterday I made this….
A super easy, sweet rosy ring.
I started with a circle, not a perfect one.
1. Cut it in a spiral.
2. Singed the outer edge. The wind resistant lighters are very cool, kind of like a little blow torch.(I held the felt with tongs because I’m a fraidy-cat.)
3. Rolled up the felt spiral with a little dot of glue every so often.
4. Messed with it a little to get some curled petals so it would look more rosy.
5. Once happy with it, I glued it to a ring blank.
I like the singed edges.
Some fall colors will be my next project.
Hmmmmmmm, what else can I stick felt roses on?