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Beading and knotting, Fashion, Jewelry making, Other crafts  |  June 26th 2011  |  0 Comment

Chaumet (Chaumet, France) – a brand of jewelry house Chaumet.

More than 200-year history of the House of Chaumet jewelry is rooted in the era of Napoleon Bonaparte – that he

In 1780, the company’s founder, Marie-Etienne Nitot offered his jewelry.

Amazed at the skill Nito, Napoleon made ​​him his personal jeweler. Imperial Sword, tiaras and jewelry for Empress Maria Louisa and Josephine created this brilliant master.
In the photo: Diademe Chaumet

But I will not delve into the history, except to say that a new stage of development at home Chaumet began with the arrival of Joseph Shome, who, after marrying the daughter of the manager went into the family.
In the photo: Joseph Chaumet

Master of the house set up consular sword, imperial swords, kitchen utensils for persons of royal blood, snuff boxes, and numerous decorations for European nobility and even a crown for Pope Pius VII. Joseph Shome, who became the head of the firm, was able to conquer the incomparable quality of their products and Russian monarchs.

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