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How to make ribbon poppy

Making flower, Needle crafts, Sewing  |  May 24th 2011  |  0 Comment


- Stretch satin
- Wire
- Thread for winding stem or corrugated paper
- Wool for felting
- Black thread for the stamens
- Semolina for stamens
- PVA glue, a brush
- A candle, matches
- Scissors
- Thread to match fabrics
- Needle
- Pencil and Pattern
preparing a pattern and cut out the eight petals of a 45 degree angle
light a candle and start processing the petals. Offer a petal to the flame, so he began melted (but not too close so as not to burn), melts about 2 cm and immediately stretched (fingers in different directions), this place until a petal is cool. Treat the whole petal.
Prepare the seed head of a flower, I have a matted wool bead (rather mild). If the wool does not you can try to link or to make a bead on the end of the wire cotton (sinteponovy) ball and covered his well-stretching fabric (eg pantyhose) and then paint.
anchoring “bead” on the wire (I inserted a wire into the needle and flash bead) embroider stripes.As eskperimenta affixed a small leather flower, pre-”fried” over a candle)))
The stamens are made of black thread, dipped in glue and once in the semolina, give dry. After drying, large matted clumps can be neatly divided needles.
Stamens attach to the seed head (wire twisting place, the bottom bead of glue and spread it evenly distribute the stamens) Promazyvaem glue attach the bottom of the head 4 petals at the base of swathes of thread in a color, then another 4 petals, I usually still a gathering place and sewed with needles. The stem and base of the flower swathes of green thread or corrugated paper and PVA glue promazyvaem well. Wait until they dry and Yahoo! READY!
Good luck))))


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