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How to make paper orchid

Cutting paper, Making flower, Paper crafts  |  May 24th 2011  |  0 Comment


We need all the usual-wire or toothpicks (wire if you need to make a twig), scissors, glue gun, gouache and felt-tip pen (for drawing the required figure)

And of course the paper, certainly the best option is a floral, but in the absence thereof, can and and easy-to children’s creativity, manage.

And so let’s start!

To get started, find an image, preferably in a macro that would like to see that such ustroeno.Ya found.

Getting to do!

Cut the paper width of 2 corrugations (floristichesskoy paper on a note-1 strip of about 5 cm) cut seridinku this form.

felt-tip pen to make a drawing or gouache (I’m more like a marker). Apply image should be as long as the corrugation is not stretched, it will become more alive., pattern is then applied to the upper-layer folds are not draws

Further, we are tightening the edge-drawn and stretch them, to give the exact form we are still pulling the middle, turn out to be so

Next, form the lepestki.Opyat cut the paper width of 2 gofry.U orchids, 5 petals, rather shirokih.Vyrezaem this form of petals

now the middle of a pulling and a little upper lobe

We must have 5 petals and a middle,

And so here is a way we stick together, as they lie on the picture

In the middle put the candy (if you fall, then a small drop of glue fix, so just kept as it was in the dead stick it) sets out on a toothpick, skewer or wire (as anyone should), and prikleevaem petals-look at the picture (the original flower) as grow leaves.

Getting glue to the lower lobe-form 5-pointed star

1 petal

2 tab

3 and 4 petals

5 petal goes on top of all, it is the topmost

Now turn down the top 3 petals, attach to the form-that’s what you get

leg wraps

Your flower is ready.

But here is a basket available from us

“Roses and Orchids”


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