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Home decor: wall composition of flowers, grasses and trees

Home and garden, Home decor  |  August 15th 2011  |  0 Comment


This little guide professional florist invented in France. But to create such a product with their own hands will be able to even those who are still placed the flowers in a vase and just about any “high-flying when flight flower” is generally not thought of it.

Everything is simple and yet original. Unusual collage in the style of “eco” will require a bit of time, the most basic materials, and reading the instructions. Its size can be anything, but just looks spectacular in the case when the height is 3 times the width.

This collage will decorate a wall or table-top dresser, flowers can be changed according to the season or their own.

Ready to try to quickly create an original little thing? Proceed to the study guide!



You will need:

  • solid foundation 60h20 cm in size, it can be plywood or particle board (including the – element of the old cabinet);
  • wooden rack (mounted on the reverse side and give the amount);
  • simple fabric stitched stems;
  • 2 tubes (if you wish, you can take as much as you want in the collage of colors);
  • grass rigid structure (such as those used by florists);
  • 2 flower stems with rigid (roses, gerbera daisies);
  • ornamental foliage (eg, asparagus);
  • several wooden drunk or mini-brevnyshko that must be cut to pieces the saw;
  • wire, 4 dowels for furniture, glue in a tube (or a special flower), furniture staplers, mini-carnations + hammer.

Start with the fact that obtyanite base fabric, secure it with the reverse side and attach to the back of the rack (as it looks – you can see in the photo trail. Step). If you do not plan to hang a collage on the wall – you can do without the slats. Grass cut at the same intervals.



Stage 1 – the grass:
If you are not sure of the firmness of their hands – make a template curved strip.Attach it to the base and carefully mark the edges that would limit application of glue sites. Incrementally apply glue and attach the grass, slightly pressing for quick coupling, then proceed to the next section. You should get a form, shown below. Part of individual blades of grass could extend beyond the basics (turn on).




Stage 2 – Colors:
Mark where the vase to be fixed tube, and repeat with 2 holes for each of them.Fasten them cross-cutting furniture dowels. Wrap the tube with wire, as shown in the photo, insert the ends of the wire through the holes and fasten the back side.Pour water, put flowers and asparagus.





See the continuation of the gallery after a block of advertising!





Phase 3 – tree:
Fix the strong glue pieces of wood-saw cut as shown in the photo.



That’s how it should look like in the end (general view and close-up).