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Home decor: Baum Squad

Green crafts, Home and garden  |  July 23rd 2011  |  0 Comment
I know what you are thinking.  If she is trying to sell the house why start with the before picture?  Well, I’ll tell you.  This was a sad little house in the middle of town – in a great neighborhood (poor neighbors, right?) exactly one year ago.  Jace and I immediately saw this house’s potential.  If you have been driving by this house for years on your way to Little League or dropping kids off at school – you probably never noticed it or if you did it just made your heart sad.





Is your heart singing now?  A happy song?



After lots of work this sad little house is now adorable with it’s laid back, California cool charm.



And just like the exterior, the inside was in desperate need of a make over.
And a make over it got.
We tore down walls, bumped out closets, and ripped out the fireplace to make room for our new living room.


We should all quit lying to ourselves.  We live on our computers these days.  We can’t bank, cook, decorate, blog, shop, or communicate without them.  Every house I touch I plan for an office space.  Even my little houses.  I love the function of this space.



The only thing in good shape when we bought this house was the kitchen cabinets.  We savaged all we could, rearranged, and painted them.


Inspiration for the kitchen was found here.
Just know that nothing was left untouched or undone.  Jace did the hard work for you.


We have loved living in our little downtown house.  We absolutely love the location (kids walk to and from school!).  We absolutely love the neighbors.  We will be sad to leave it all.
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