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Holiday crafts: {Ribbon Works} Turkey Hair Clip Tutorial

Holiday & seasonal crafts, Making flower  |  September 24th 2011  |  0 Comment
Isnt he just adorable!! :) Im so loving him.
Well onto the supplies:
Ribbon in the following colors: Brown, Yellow, Red, Green, Orange.
Hot Glue Gun/Glue Sticks
Alligator  Clip
And (not pictured) Googly eyes


So youre going to start by cutting 6 pieces of the brown ribbon. Sorry I didnt get any measurements.. I dont ever do measurements… though Im sure it would be easier! LOL I just play it by eye.. and go.
Anyways… you will have 3 different sizes.. as you see in the picture below. Two of the smallest size, three of the medium size, and one of the large size.
Take each of the strips and use your hot glue gun to create a ring shape.
Here are all 6 in their ring shape.
Next you will use one medium size ring, and both of the small rings:
Use hot glue around the edge of one of the small rings:
Stick it to the inside of the medium ring, like so:
Do the same thing with the other side. So you have the 3 rings connected as shown below:
After that you will do the exact same thing with the one large ring and the last two medium rings. So that you have two of the same shapes, one small and one big. The big one will be the turkey body, and the small one will be the turkey head!
Next thing you want to do, is line your alligator clip with the orange ribbon. This ribbon I used is a little smaller that the rest of the ribbon used.. Id prefer the same kind, but I ran out and used this one. It still works good.
Anyways.. if you dont know how to line a clip, its simple.. I just used my hot glue gun and followed the line of the clip. :)
After that you will need, all the same size, (again no measurements but you can get an idea of the size next to the clip) two strips of red, two strips of green, and one strip of yellow ribbon.
Fold and glue:
Do this to each strip:
Now you will start with the top “feather” use the hot glue gun to  place the yellow “feather” onto the alligator clip.
And continue on with the green…
And red.
Now you will take the turkey body and glue it on top of where the red :feathers” are.
Its starting to come together.. already looking so cute!
Now we will move onto the turkey’s facial features. The gobble (as I call it.. not sure if thats what it is really called. LOL) is the little red dangly thing by his beak. For that, you will cut a strip of the red ribbon. Then cut that strip in half, long ways. You may want to use a lighter or something to “heat treat” the ribbon to prevent fraying.
Take one of the halves and fold and glue it like shown:
After that.. cut a triangle shape from the orange ribbon (again heat treating to prevent fraying), to use for the beak. Then glue them to the face!
Then bring him to life with some googly eyes!!
And lastly, glue the head down to the clip above his little body! And you have your own cute little turkey hair clip!! Another idea..would be to attach him to a pin back instead. He could be a little brooch to wear on anything to sport your holiday spirit! :)
Look how sweet he looks, modeled by my precious daughter, Kiah.