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Holiday crafts: Peep Wreath tutorial

Christmas's day, Holiday & seasonal crafts  |  August 29th 2011  |  0 Comment


Three years ago I made my first Peep Wreath. While I’m sure it would have lasted for years(do Peeps spoil?), I’m afraid it got destroyed during our move to this house. I thought I would recreate this colorful Spring decor and this time, I thought far enough in advance to make a tutorial. Although, it’s so easy, you really don’t need one! Here we go:


- toothpicks
- 10″ straw wreath
- 9 packs of Peeps
- ribbon

1. Impale your first Peep. Push the toothpick in all the way until you almost see it pop out of the top of the head.

2. Push toothpick into straw wreath. Don’t get worried if the toothpick emerges from the top of the head. Just push the mushy head up and back around the toothpick top. Peeps mend amazingly fast!

3. Place your first row of Peeps evenly around wreath.

4. Continue with the rest of the colors, working one pack of Peeps at a time. Don’t forget to put some of your Peeps facing different directions and on the sides of the wreath as well.

5. Continue working through all the packs of Peeps, one color at a time to maintain uniformity, until your wreath is completely covered!

6. Tie a big bow out of your ribbon, push a toothpick through the center and attach to wreath.

peepwreath08sm peepwreath09sm

- As you can see in the first picture above, I barely had enough Peeps to cover the wreath completely. Buy a few more packs if you want more coverage.
- I don’t mind seeing the straw peep out here and there (pun intended!) but if you dislike this look, you could always wrap the wreath in white paper or ribbon first (before you add the Peeps).
- If you’re having a problem with some of the upside down Peeps falling off, put those troublesome Peeps off to the side and let them dry out completely. When the dried out Peeps are hard, put some thick gel glue on the bottom and push toothpick in. Allow to dry before you reattach to wreath. You could always skip the toothpick part and just glue directly to the wreath as well.

Hope you enjoy your Peep Wreath!

Source: gerberadesigns.com